In Pro-Arts we feel real admiration for the craftsmanship of this great tattoo master, which in turn is one of the most recognized manufacturers demáquinas Tattoo and all kinds of amazing tattoo supplies. In the case of your machine, you would expect, Lauro products are the best sellers among professionals across Europe. In these machines there is so much wisdom and passion for art as the art of tattooing, and it shows.
We offer all machines from the Basic series Dark series, chrome-aluminum series Gold and rotating series, the best models of this great tattoo artist and producer. You can see some pictures on the page dedicated to their tattoo machines. Made by a tattoo artist to tattoo

We invite you to visit our showroom for hojees it for yourself and check to see the beauty and performance of this extensive range.

     ⊙ finishes in bronze, antique silver, aluminum.
     ⊙ available in various colors
     Plus coils 10W ⊙

     ⊙ weight between 150 and 300 grams
     ⊙ integrally built machines
     ⊙ toughness and foolproof
     ⊙ specific varieties for line, shading or filling
The first 30 machines built by Lauro Paolini occurred in Bologna in 1996.
Since then, every day around the world more than 50,000 machines built by Lauro Paolini used. Although these results are proud to continue working to improve machines tattoo, it is essential for us tattooists. We try to offer faithful to tradition machines, but at the same time successor of continuous research on materials and mechanical and electrical components, adding to this design and ergonomics. And all our hearts ... and our passion for the tattoo.
If you want a more elaborate aesthetic, take a look at the Sacred Heart range of Lauro Paolini. Both Classic Chrome model as reels include 10W, and provide excellent conductivity. Made of iron and copper alloy, used for both line and color and shading for the chrome edition is limited to 1000 units.
If you want a tattoo machine exclusively shaded or filled, the Spider Color Shader is your exact type. It is handmade, handcrafted, bronze chassis of 5 mm. gives it a very personal aesthetic.
In this line, also built in one piece, both the model and the iron alloy made of aluminum), Iban tattoo machine is ideal for jobs fade, and can recommend it given the bestseller that has resulted from the release. Within this high-end, you still have the Owen Jensen, also for special color and shading.
If you prefer the original and traditional technology of rotary tattoo machines, Lauro Paolini offers two models: the rotating Vertigo, equipped with traditional bar and available in four colors. We also have the Trixy rotary with rotary engine and very lightweight, making it quiet and light, especially useful for makeup and micropigmentation work. Both the one and the other are suitable for line, color and shading.
  These are some of the deals we offer in terms of range of Lauro Paolini Tattoo Machines ...! But there are many more! Visit our catalog and you will find:
⊙ the prestigious range Nuvolari, tattoo machines in various models and various benefits
⊙ The mythical replicas of the original Paul Rogers tattoo machines, in one piece
⊙ All Raffaello range with coils 8 and 10 W (we also have the pink)
⊙ entire range of Shape Tattoo machine, finished in gold, bronze, chrome and nickel.
More ⊙ models of Ipanema beaches, Basic, Iban, Prestige
⊙ Tattoo Machine accessories: power supplies, pedals, cables ... we have it all.
⊙ Spare parts for all kinds of tattoo machines
⊙ our help and professional advice to answer any questions you have
Our guarantee ⊙ wide range of products and supplies for tattoo
The Hawk rotary represented since its inception innovation in the world of tattoo. Any of the variety of machines acts precisely, how quiet and low vibration, providing you security and peace of mind as you work with them. They are ideal machines for any job, from fine lines, through the most extensive fillings and softer shadings. This is also thanks to the multiple configurations of needles that provide maximum versatility in the artistic accomplishment at a time that are easily interchangeable and have their own integrated membranes that keep any remote substance of the handle, when you're done you just have to remove the capsule without an ultrasonic cleaner or autoclave. The rotary speed and body optimized for working at high speeds to give a power of between 70 to 170 punctures per second to about 4 mm deep.
All products Cheyenne Hawk pass security checks, hygiene, sterilization, accuracy and quality before its release, we recommend caution with imitations and only buying original material Cheyenne.